Its going to be a
Summer of Love!

It is a fact not widely recognised, but summer officially* starts on 16th June.
So whether you are gutted youre not going to Glastonbury (or want to gloat that you are!), come along to our fabulous Summer of Love party and lets bring the festival season to the city! There will be music and dancing, bright shiny stars and flickering candles, flower petals and bubbles filling the air - so enjoy keeping dry at the exclusively-hired Front Bar area of the Minories pub and let the summer begin! (Please note, mud is strictly prohibited.)

When? 8pm 'till midnight, Saturday 16th June
Where? The Minories, Tower Hill, London, just 1 minute from Tower Hill tube. Just come out of the exit, head towards the Roman wall, keep walking on the left hand side of the wall, cross over the road (carefully! Traffic comes from various directions!) and you will see the dome of Tower Gateway DLR in front of you and The Minories just to the left of it!

Why? Because you believe it is not good for man to be alone!!

How? Tickets cost just £5 and all tickets need to be booked in advance, so visit the Tickets page and book for this party NOW!

(Please note, we do not send out actual tickets, but when we receive your booking we will smile radiantly and joyfully add you to our guest list.)
*Officially according to London Christians

Evangelism. Men. The UK.

26th February 2007: The UK church is haemorrhaging men and most churches have no idea what to do to halt the exodus of believing men, let alone introduce men to Jesus.
Currently, the Body of Christ is lacking the masculine traits of leadership, boldness and courage that an equal balance of men would bring to it; something which might just explain why we have such difficulty making an impact into society.
Meanwhile Christian women wonder just where their husband is going to come from, if we continue down the same path that has already led to a 38% decline in the numbers of men in our churches.
But there are proven strategies to reach outside the church walls and some cracking ideas to gear your church up for men.
Dont miss this special talk by Rev Carl Beech, national director of Christian Vision for Men entitled: Winning Men: How to do it!
Open to both men and women, if you care about the number of men in our churches, please make the effort to attend and help resource your church to halt this dramatic decline.

The Valentine's Party!

Come and join us at the Chapel Bar, Islington, on Saturday 10th February, for a night of Valentine frivolity! Chat, dance, mix and mingle ... all with the help of our fun, retro, "Love Hearts" ice-breaker!
Party from 8 until late! The gorgeous Chapel Bar is situated at 29a Penton Street, Islington N1 9PX, just a short walk from the Angel tube station.
All tickets must be booked in advance, so visit the Tickets page now to make your booking! (Please note, we do not send out actual tickets, but when we receive your booking, we will add your name to our list of guests at the door.)

A London Christians Special Event
Talk: Is singleness really a gift?

  • Believe in a gift of singleness (after all, thats what youve been told is in the Bible) yet feel sure you havent got it? At least, you hope not
  • Not exactly enamoured at the thought of another year passing, and still no sign of a spouse on the horizon?
  • Guys, are you wondering whether it is wrong, or - let's face it - maybe just slightly uncool, to purposefully and actively pursue marriage?
  • Women, are you struggling to be content and wait on the Lord whilst all the time wondering if your biological clock will wait too?

At special invitation by London Christians, ground-breaking US-based author Debbie Maken whose book Getting Serious about Getting Married: Rethinking the Gift of Singleness is powerfully challenging the church body over our attitude to singleness will be presenting a keynote daytime talk in central London on Saturday 27th January 2007. Although Makens view of singleness is Biblically-based, it is at odds with much of what Christians are told about singleness today. Beginning with the modern myth of a gift of singleness, Maken goes on to examine the true cause of protracted singleness and presents a blueprint of what we need to do in order to return to the truly Biblical plan for almost all of our lives: marriage.

Who is this talk for?
MALE OR FEMALE, if you would like to get married and have a family someday, then this talk is for YOU! If you are wondering whether or not you have the gift of singleness, then this talk is for YOU! If you are struggling to be content and wonder how much longer you need to wait on the Lord to bring your spouse to you, then this talk is for YOU!
In short, if you are a single Christian, that doesnt feel drawn to lifelong celibacy, then this talk is for undoubtedly for YOU!
Come on your own, or with a group of friends/family members - married or single. The more people that hear this message the better! We would especially like church leaders to come along, so please consider inviting yours. We won't embarrass you - promise!

Time and Date
Debbie Maken's talk will be followed by questions/discussions and will run from 11.00am to approximately 1.30pm on Saturday 27th January. There will also be the option for those that wish to continue the discussion, socialise, or go for lunch together, to do so afterwards. Who knows, you may even find someone special to have a coffee with!

Tickets for this important talk cost £7.50 and are available now from the Tickets page.
Debbie Maken is travelling from the US especially to speak with us, yet she is not charging ANY fee! However London Christians aims to raise enough funds in order to cover her air fare and travelling expenses, so money raised from this event will be used to reimburse her costs. (And it's still less than the price of most cinema tickets and about half what you'd pay for a CD!)

This special event will be held in the opulent Main Bar area of the uber-cool photography gallery, Proud Galleries, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, NW1 8AH. Red chandeliers, lit cubular tables, candles, billowing drapes, and even beds (yes, beds!) for lounging on, we think this venue is perfect for setting just the right mood for talking about this "gift" of singleness!

Proud Galleries is about five minutes' walk from both Camden Town and Chalk Farm tube stations. If you are coming from Camden Town tube station, then just take the exit to your right (for Camden High Street) then turn right and walk past the markets and Camden Lock. You will then reach Stables Market, which will be on your left (look out for the Union Jack and England flags on top of the building! How thoughtful! ;)) Just as you enter Stables Market you will see the entrance to Proud Galleries DIRECTLY in front of you!

London Christians guarantees that this talk will be
or you get your money back!

The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. (Genesis 2:18)

Book review

Im extremely glad that Canon Press is carrying Debbie Makens book Getting Serious About Getting Married: Rethinking the gift of singleness (Crossway). I think you all (whoever you are) should buy it, read it, and give it to your friends. It really is a book for everyone, not just for those most likely to read it unmarried women.
The books subtitle, Rethinking the Gift of Singleness, is what the book is all about. Maken does an analysis of the modern churchs view on singleness, shows where the church has gone astray from embracing the biblical mandate for marriage, and calls us to repent of our concession to the worlds system of singleness.
Makens central point is that too many churches do not teach and prepare young people to get married, do not train the young men to see their duty to take a wife, and do not guide the women who are in a hopelessly stranded position of waiting for a husband. She thoroughly dismantles the view that singleness and marriage are both gifts that God gives to His children, and she argues that just calling the unmarried state Gods will does not make it so.
Why do I say everyone should read it? Unmarried men should read this because she attacks the worlds endorsement of prolonged adolescence for men, leaving women to wait until past their prime childbearing years to marry. Pastors should read this because they need to teach the men that it is not good for them to be alone; each man needs a wife. Parents should read this too: they need to have a biblical perspective on their duty to promote marriage and to assist their children in the whole process.
With large and growing numbers of unmarried men and women in the church, it is essential that the church do more than sponsor singles groups and singles retreats. These are no substitute for the blessing of marriage and family, and may just prolong the problem. This book will stir you up to do more than encourage the unmarried to be content while you wait. Maken is not shy about addressing the real problems of a culture that...undermines the creation mandate to be fruitful and multiply.

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